Is Yellow Teeth Better Than White Teeth?

The process of teeth whitening or buying whitening toothpaste is done by some people who are trying to get white and bright teeth. Anngapan seems bad to yellow teeth and often associated with poor oral hygiene. Yet the yellow teeth are much stronger than the white teeth.

According to the Science Focus page, the enamel on the teeth is naturally bluish-white and the dentine underneath is yellow. Due to the transparent enamel, the yellow color indicates whiteish green. This creates a light gray or light yellow color.

However, disease or tooth decay may be the underlying cause, if your teeth are much darker than the yellow. The teeth whitening process can dilute the enamel.

“The bleach products contain hydrogen peroxide diffusing through the enamel, which breaks down the compounds that cause discoloration, known as chromogenic compounds, and your teeth become lighter,” says assistant clinical professor Adriana Manso at The University of British Columbia’s Dentistry School.

“Bleach products have many side effects such as damaging tooth enamel, causing gum irritation, and sensitivity, some of these effects persist, for example, tooth enamel damage is permanent and irreversible,” Manso added, as quoted from the Reader’s Digest page, Thursday, (12/10/2017).

You can try chemical-free treatments to whiten teeth, so the enamel on your tooth stays healthy.