A Few People Using Dental Floss

dental care photoTooth cleaning becomes our daily routine. In cleaning teeth there are many ways to do, one of them by using dental cleanser or dental floss. But this way is not too popular.

Because rarely used, no need to worry if you never clean the teeth in this way. Only about a third of the adult population in the United States has ever cleaned the teeth with dental floss.

CDC researchers looked at data over 9,000 Americans age 30 and over and how often they used dental floss during the previous week. Apparently 32.4 percent said they did not use dental floss. The other 37.3 percent say using dental floss every day and wearing it less than once a day.

This study is touted as the most comprehensive national analysis study on tooth cleansing habits. Dental floss, among others, is useful to remove bacteria that cause gum disease and keep tartar does not grow.