Avoid These Foods And Drinks For Sensitive Teets!

Having a healthy tooth is everyone’s dream, but what if there is a problem and one of them is sensitive teeth? The problem of sensitive teeth is a disease that is quite widely owned by the community. This disease often makes sufferers sufferers. Because the sense of pain caused by sensitive teeth can disrupt activity and make uncomfortable when eating.

In fact, problems can arise when just to mingle and enjoy togetherness with the closest people can be disturbed. The problem is, when the pain appears, the teeth will immediately feel uncomfortable.

Despite already feel how suffered experiencing the pain in the teeth, many sensitive teeth sufferers do not want to go to the dentist and do the right treatment. In fact, the sense of pain in the teeth will not heal by itself. If not addressed further, the pain will recur.

According to LPSOS research results in 2011, 45 percent of Indonesians suffer from sensitive teeth and feel pain when eating hot, cold, and sweet foods. Meanwhile, 52 percent of them are unaware that their teeth are sensitive and never consult a dentist.

In addition to routine consultation to the dentist, sensitive dental patients should also know the types of foods and beverages that they need to avoid to avoid the pain. Quoted from everydayhealth.com, there are seven types of foods and beverages that are less good for sensitive teeth.

1. Soda

Soda is one type of beverage that must be avoided. According to Professor of the Dentistry Faculty at Columbia University, John Grbic, soda is made from two ingredients that can cause nerve pain in the teeth, namely sugar and acids.

2. Ice cream

Cold food is the main enemy of sensitive teeth. Not only cold, sugar is also the cause of teeth more sensitive. Well, these two things are in ice cream, so sensitive teeth should avoid ice cream.

The reason, dentist Jordan Taylor said, sensitive teeth lack of enamel layer that serves as a protective layer. With a lack of protective coating, cold food temperatures can further aggravate the pain in the teeth.

3. Coffee

Just like cold, hot temperatures are also enemies of sensitive teeth. Therefore, Taylor suggested to drink coffee with milk instead of sugar. According to him, milk can reduce the temperature of heat and acidity of coffee, so it is not too damaging tooth.

4. Candy

Not only children, sensitive tooth sufferers are also advised not to consume candy. Especially hard candies, such as lollipops and permint mint. The reason, not only contains high levels of sugar, hard candy can also make teeth chipped or broken.

In addition to hard candy, sticky candies such as toffee, caramel, and gummy bears are also not recommended for sensitive teeth. Therefore, such candy is easily attached to the teeth so it can aggravate the sensitivity of the tooth nerve.

5. Citrus fruit

Fruit with sour taste like pineapple, lemon, and orange can make the teeth more sensitive because the nature of acid can damage the enamel layer of teeth. Making this fruit as a juice is also not helpful. Although already a juice, these fruits can still cause tooth pain.

6. Tomatoes

Despite being a source of vitamin C, tomatoes also have a high level of acidity, so should be avoided by sensitive tooth sufferers. This also applies to ketchup.

7. Ice

Patients with sensitive teeth are forbidden to bite ice cubes. Its cold and hard nature is very dangerous for sensitive teeth.

After avoiding these foods and drinks, for maximum protection, use the right toothpaste. Provide stronger protection against sensitive teeth to avoid the pain by using Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste which now works effectively in providing more protection for sensitive teeth so as to help overcome the sense of pain to not come anymore.

If, sensitive teeth have been protected, your activities will no longer be disturbed due to aching in teeth that often come suddenly. Let’s keep your dental health!

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