Review: Stray (Book One of the Touchstone Trilogy) by Andrea K Höst

I was shocked when I came across Stray when it was listed at free because the story looked too interesting to be just given away. Well some things aren't too good to be true. Stray is a great story that I have enjoyed reading and would pay the current price if I came across it as it is listed and I plan on buying the sequel/s when I can.

I am an author and I found Stray very well written and and noticed many elements in common with some of the widely successful stories. After reading Stray I have found inspiration and guidance in a story of my own after hearing the excellent voice and prose. I do not in any way mean I copied Andrea Host, but Stray provided an excellent example of voice and prose that helped me develop a voice of my own in a story about a teenage girl.

Host has pulled me into the Touchstone Trilogy and I cannot wait to read the rest. I recommend anyone looking for a unique and fascinating science fiction story to purchase Stray and enjoy the story.