Unbelievable but True Police Blotters

We've all spotted something valuable that is pretty much asking to be stolen and most of the time we leave it be. Some people however, go out of their way to filch something that the rest of us wouldn't imagine stealing at all. Here are two separate blotters regarding the theft of...well just read for yourself!

  • A Fort Henry Drive resident claimed their home had been burglarized, with just one item stolen: toilet paper from a bathroom.
  • Police were alerted to an incident that occurred the previous evening at Cherokee High School. During tryouts for the color guard an employee was approached by an adult female, who allegedly "demanded" access to a restroom. School personnel granted her access, but later learned from witnesses that she left with, "a bag full of toilet paper." A check of the restroom revealed approximately 50 rolls had been stolen, valued at $37.50. A 45-year-old Bulls Gap woman was identified to police as the suspect, with her later located and interviewed. She was charged with theft under $500. 
  • A Rogersville woman reported 25 chicks had been stolen from a pen in her front yard. She reportedly told police it was more of a harassment than actually theft, due to it, "only happening once a year." 
  • Police were called to Kroger on East Stone Drive, where employees had a shoplifter in custody. The woman reportedly drank a soda and placed the empty can by a cash register, then attempted to leave without paying for two pregnancy test kits. She was cited for theft and released.  
  •  A man in a Camaro reportedly stole Mountain Dew from a Highway 126 convenience store.
  • A resident of Oasis Lane called police over a dispute with his wife. When a deputy responded it was learned he was mad because she had eaten leftover fish before he returned home. The woman corroborated his story. No assault had taken place, with the couple advising they could remain together at the residence with no further problems.

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Captcha describes Rupert Murdoch...

This Captcha must know something about the CEO of Newscorp. Though this could describe many media moguls, celebrities, musicians, etc. Beware of the Media Evillest! 

P.S. I'm aware that the spelling isn't quite right, but it's sounds close enough. If you blame anyone then blame Captcha. 

Google Trolls Again!

I laughed when I saw this and it's nice to see that Google has a sense of humor. Just imagine if Google started trolling a lot more, maybe they'd have their own version of Rick Rolling. Anyways, enjoy!