Guess what? I'm a winner!

I'm proud to announce that my entry for the ASSCC 2012 short story contest presented by My Home Away From Home won fourth place (of six) and will be featured in the anthology that is set to be released in early August with proceeds going to 'To Write Love on Her Arms' The book will be titled 'Dawn of the Living Dead', which is the title of the grand prize winning entry by Melissa Somoza and judging by the provided excerpt, will be a spectacular read. Below is the excerpt of Dawn of the Living Dead by Melissa Somoza.

Before I could even take a bite of the food, a blood-curdling scream filled our ears and it was followed by a loud bang, which I somehow knew was a gunshot. I dropped my fork, looking at the shocked faces around me, sure that my own conveyed the same panic.Mom spoke, her voice quivering, “James…”The television flashed on, a loud buzzing noise reverberating throughout the house. “This is not a test. This is not a test.” More buzzing followed and I slowly stood up. Riley took my arm, protectively. My dad and Mr. Harper went to the front door, motioning for the rest of us to stay put. Mom told us to be quiet by putting a finger to her lips.“Daddy?”Riley and I flew to the floor as our glass window shattered into a million pieces.

I'd also like to congratulate several of my fellow winners of ASSCC 2012, which are Jennifer Don, Dominique Goodall, Patricia Tippet Lane. The four of us are (unofficially) known as The Dream Team, and I've seen some of their works and each has truly great talent.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and those who support me offline, especially my wife Crystal who is the most important and supportive person I've ever had. Have a good weekend everyone!

Interview with Leech Series cover model Peter Stroychek

Has anyone here heard of the Leech series by James Crawford? I personally am very interested in the series and am fortunate to be part of the interview with the cover model of Leech, Peter Stoychek. Peter is represented by CM Model Management to do an interview so we can get an idea of the man we have seen an so many great book covers and they have agreed.

-So Peter Stoychev Is it exciting for you to see your images used on the covers of books?

Peter: Yes, it is. I was also surprised to see my picture on the cover.

- Do you read the books that feature you on the covers?
Peter: This book is the only one with my image on the cover so far and I haven't read it.

- How old are you and where do you mostly live?
Peter: I'm 22 years old and I used to live in Bulgaria before I started travelling half a year ago.

- How did you get into modeling and how old were you when you did your first model shoot?
Peter: I was 17 when I first started. My sister advised me to do it.

- Did you always want to do modeling or was it something you unintentionally started doing?
Peter: I started modeling after my sister advised me to try and after that I wanted to do it.

- When not modeling what do you do?... work/study/recreation?
Peter: Before I started travelling I was working as a model and a dealer in a casino in Bulgaria.

-Describe what you would consider a perfect first date
Peter: The perfect date is when I'm just enjoying my time.

- If you were not modeling as a job preference, what would you rather be doing?
Peter: I would be working as a dealer in a casino.

- If you could choose top three people you could have a photo shoot with, who would they be?
Peter: - I would like to do photo shoots with good friends of mine, also models.

- It appears that you are very popular; would you consider moving overseas to further your modeling career?
Peter: Yes, my goal is to go to New York and be model there.

- Are you married/partner and if so how do they feel about you being on the cover of books?
Peter: I'm single. I have my family, which supports me in pursuing my goal.

- Do you want to do more than modeling like acting for example?

Peter: I'm only focused on modeling.

- What is the weirdest or funniest thing that you have had to wear on a shoot?
Peter: Mickey Mouse clothes.

- Who is your hero?

Peter: Michael Phelps.

-I noticed that you share your Name with a famous Bulgarian swimmer, Is there any relation?
Peter: There's no relation. We just share the same name.

Some fun quick question and answer:

-How many siblings and what number are you:
Peter: I have a sister. She's four years older than me.

-Star Sign?
Peter: Gemini.

-Favorite color:
Peter: Yellow.

-Favorite food:
Peter: Chocolate with whole hazelnuts.

-Favorite book:
Peter:  "How to stop worrying and start living" by Dale Carnegie.

-Favorite musician/band:
Peter: Black Sabbath.

-Favorite movie:
Peter: Men of honor.

-Favorite TV show:
Peter: Prison break.

-Favorite place in the world:
Peter: Bulgaria.

-If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be:
Peter:  Hawaii.

-Do you have a pet?
Peter: No.

-Do you speak more than one language?
Peter:  Bulgarian and English.

-What are your dreams for the future?
 Peter: My goal is to be professional model in New York.

-Speaking of dreams, do you remember the dreams you have at night?
 Peter: I almost never dream at night.

-Have you ever dreamt about something only for it to come true later?
Peter: Yes, I believe dreams come true. I can't tell about dreams while sleeping, but I think they have a meaning.

Respond to the following statement: Sometimes a dream is more than just a dream. 
Peter: Sometimes the dream is all we have.

-Have you ever had a lucid dream? (A dream that you can control and are aware that you are dreaming)
Peter: Yes, I've experienced a dream like that.

-What is you idea of how life will be or is where all your dreams have come true?
Peter: Doing everything you have to in order to make your dream come true is the real joy in life for me.

Cover reveal: Fleeting Fires by Nadege Richards

Cover Reveal of
Fleeting Fires
By Nadège Richards

Fleeting Fires
By Nadège Richards

The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, #3
Expected Publication: April 12th 2013
Genre: YA Romance/Dystopia


The timepiece ticks and the hour wanes...

The day fades and the night weakens, bringing with it a new dawn we may never see.

The annihilation of New Haven was only the beginning. With King Cyrus still on the loose and a forbidden past still yet to be discovered, Echo Abbeny is finding that her entire existence relies solely on one thing—the acceptance of her gifts as hybrid and the godly abilities she can’t even begin to understand. Or control. Ayden and Kahl are both destined for her love and won’t stop until they’ve claimed her heart, and they’re proving to be an even greater temptation than she could have ever dreamed. And when rumors of a mysterious kingdom in the Sunken City begin to spread like wildfire, spurring chaos between the Xavians, the race against the King and the clock begins…

In the third and final installment of The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, the hour is of the essence, every move will be watched, and death lurks at every corner. A war will be fought and there will be blood to pay. As one of the last oracles on earth, Echo will have to trust herself like never before.

Deceiving Destiny
By Nadège Richards

The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, #2
Published: December 22nd 2012
Page Count: 304
Genre: YA Romance/Dystopia
Available on:


When your destiny lies in the hands of your enemy, there’s only one thing you won’t do to save the ones you love...

Now free from the walls that confine New Haven, the place she had once believed to be her home, Echo must find a way to put an end to a war only she has the power to stop. She has yet to discover her true abilities as a hybrid leader, but what happens when the dreams that plague her become something more? Someone more? In the midst of exploring her love for Ayden and venturing through forbidden lands for a key that will explain everything, Echo finds Kahl—the boy that haunts her in her sleep, yet has the hidden answers she seeks. And Echo will do just about anything to get them.

In the second installment of The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, relationships are put to the test, dreams become desires, and ultimately one girl will discover her purpose in a promised legend written in stone.

Burning Bridges
By Nadège Richards

The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, #1
Published: July 14th 2012
Page Count: 313
Genre: YA Romance/Dystopia
Available on:


Do or Die...

In a world that has been divided amongst the Hunter race and the Warrior, prisoners who have fallen prey to King Cyrus' decrees are forced into the arena to fight until death. Winner is granted mercy and privilege to see another sunrise. Death unto the weak. In an attempt to get back at everyone who has ever shut her out, seventeen year-old Princess Echo becomes another victim, dragging Ayden, her forbidden love, along in a race to freedom, to find out who she really is, and to put a world that has been swallowed by lies back together again.

In the first installment of The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, life becomes a dangerous game of kill or be killed, love or let go. When death threatens the forbidden love of an unlikely couple and they are forced to do the unthinkable, to what extent will they go to be together?

Excerpt from Fleeting Fires:

Want to tell me what’s going on here?” Jakob asked from beside me.

I guffawed. “You mean beside the fact that he locked Echo and I up underground for days and somehow filled her head with his shit?” I rolled my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose. “If not that, there’s nothing else.”

“Bastard,” I heard Kahl grumble.

“Coward,” I shot back, my eyes burning with the challenge.



“R—” Kahl closed the small space between us and gripped my shoulders, pushing me into a wall. “I didn’t have to do much for her to remember!” he rushed to say, a gritted whisper. “But you made her forget—forget me, forget everything. If she wasn’t so foolhardily infatuated with you, you wouldn’t even be alive right now…”

My jaw clenched as the people walking by stopped to stare at us. Conroy, Jakob and the others had slowed to turn back.

“So that’s what this is about. Echo? And not just her, but your past with her.” I shook my head and smiled. “Since we haven’t much time to spare with your idiocy, stop thinking you’re the only one who can help her, Zimmerman,” I grounded. “Infatuation? Were you not the one who had us in cages? I know we just met, but by my book, dragging someone to your own personal Hell is not the way to soften them up.” I kicked off the wall and came to stand in front of him. I was taller by an inch, give or take, and my fists clenched at my sides with the dire need to hit something, anything. “Stay away from her; her past with you is minuscule. Know you’re place, because it damn sure is not by her side.”

I pushed past him, my shoulder knocking him off kilter, and averted Conroy’s gaze as I made my way to the front of the group.

“I can’t,” I heard Kahl call out. I turned to face him and he did the same. “Stay away from her, I mean. I won’t.”

Something awesome this way comes...

Tune in tomorrow for a special feature that really is awesome. It will probably be going up late into the morning. See you all then!

Character Bio: Tiranis

The Conservation Law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can move location or change forms. Furthermore, it is electric impulses that are sent by the brain to various parts of the human body to perform both voluntary functions such as walking, and involuntary functions like the beating of a heart. Even our thoughts are electric impulses that are directed to each part of the brain with the help of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin (which is said to induce feelings related to love).

It can be hypothesis that the energy involved don't just go away after the thought has past, in fact the antagonist Three Dreams Saga is basically the personification of hatred, jealousy, greed, and all other negative emotions that have accumulated over thousands of years. 

Tiranis does not wish to destroy the world or even eliminate human life, for he craves chaos and he needs the inhabitants of both the walking world and The Realm of Dreams to obtain what he desperately needs. Tiranis has the ability to effect temperature, which he uses to induce changes in the temperatures of the waking worlds oceans, thus causing extreme weather events that he has realized is quite effectual as means for reaching his goals.