Edgar Allan Poe lived a disturbed life, yet his words are beyond anything ever said before and after him. Perhaps the two are related?

Monday Music- "Dreams" By Taken by Trees

I'm introducing a new feature that I'm going to call Monday Music. The name speaks for itself and most of the songs will be related to dreams in some way. Take a moment to enjoy "Dreams" by Taken by Trees

Walt Disney, a True Dreamer!

Walt Disney made many dreams come true and the stories he brought to life have inspired millions over several generations. Here is his what he spoke about dreams...

On another note, Walt's wife was from my home state of Idaho.

William Blake on Dreams

It sounds to me like the poet William Blake has spent time in the Realm of Dreams. He uses a slightly different names of course, but like many cases, real things tend to have their name changed when used in fiction.

Poem from Once Upon a Dream

Here's a poem from Old Russia that's recited by one of the characters in Once Upon a Dream. I came across this while working on edits, which I'm continuing after I post this.

"Baby, baby, rock-a-bye, on your side you mustn't lie, or the little gray wolf will come and will nip you on the tum, drag you off into the wood, underneath the willow root."

Trailer for Once Upon a Dream

In dreams we are but an audience to our greatest needs, fears, and desires, playing out on the stage we call destiny.

Review of Night of the Purple Moon by Scott Cramer

I was excited to read Night of the Purple Moon when I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review, and luckily, the story gave me more reasons than I can list to give it a five star rating. The premise alone grabbed my interest, and once I began reading, I recognized Night of the Purple Moon as a fascinating read that not only entertains, but manages to create a very believable and most likely outcome to a scary situation, all while not sugar coating things or going overboard with horrendous topics. 

I've never seen a better account of what would likely come if children suddenly found themselves unsupervised and forced to fend for themselves, for the characters so excellently created by author Scott Cramer show genuine qualities and realistic responses to situations both good and bad. 

I often found myself staying up into the early morning as the story held my interest so tight that I refused to quit reading, and in the end I came out very satisfied and eager to continue reading the series. Night of The Purple Moon is an impressive telling of the situation involved and a fantastic read overall.


Review of Growing Up Psychic by Chip Coffee

Chip Coffee is a kind, caring, gentle soul, but he's not not afraid to stand up to people, both living and not living, and the same goes for non-corporeal beings that never walked this plane as a living, breathing, being with a beating heart. 

In Growing Up Psychic, Coffee provides accounts that are not only described excellently, but also have clear meaning that provides valuable answers to difficult questions. Coffee manages to not only tackle subjects that are tough for most, but to do so entertainingly and with style. Growing up Psychic is a wonderful story and a great read for anyone with an open mind and soft heart.


Review of Burning Bridges by Nadege Richards

Do yourself a favor and read Burning Bridges by Nadege Richards! As the first book of the Bleeding Hearts trilogy, it's a must-read for fans of fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure or, romance (Even better if you are a fan of all those genres!).

Set in Alwaenia, Burning Bridges stars Echo Abbeny, a princess who feels out of place despite growing up wrapped in luxury, and the rogue-like Ayden Grey, a poverty-stricken young man that works tirelessly to pay off his alcoholic father's debts while struggling to support his ill mother and young siblings.

Echo and Ayden are from vastly different worlds, and after fate brings them together, it doesn't take long for a relationship to blossom. With their love strictly forbidden, they realize early on that they can only be together if the tyranny held Echo's father ends, burning bridges along the way. They are star-crossed lovers, who share not only the same pain and sorrows, but also an unbreakable love that no wall could separate.
Alwaenia is a fascinating land that at first seems medieval, yet when items and lore familiar to our era appear, the nation's origin becomes even more unclear. Furthermore, the question of what lies beyond the walls that border the nation provide even more mystery that's waiting to be revealed.

Richards weaves a fascinating tale, that's genuinely hard to quit reading. Burning Bridges is a spectacular read that will likely leave you hungry for more with its smooth flow and refreshing concepts. Richards paints perspective masterfully, telling a robust story by utilizing the point of view from both Echo and Ayden. My only real complaint is a few unexplained plot points; though all are minor details that don't detract from the story or make the plot hard to follow, and everything I noticed can be (and is likely intended to be) explained in books two and three.

Overall, I enjoyed Burning Bridges very much; Nadege Richards not only did brilliantly breathed life into the characters, but also remarkably built the world they live in. She did a stellar job making her vision come to life that includes everything I love seeing in a debut novel by an up-and-coming author!

Review of Akata Witch my Nnedi Okorafor

Akata Witch is a great telling of the age old concept of magic. I love the world Okorafor built for the story and it is refreshing to see a story that shows the real world, one that feels more like something we would actually see and not a fairy tale. The story is truly magical and had me pulled in from the start; a story that keeps me up late because I just don't want to put it down.

The characters are multi-dimensional and so real that I would not be surprised to meet them in real life. I really want to visit Leopard Knocks, but seems that I'm a lamb so alas, it will probably never happen.

The story is imaginative and wonderfully crafted. I recommend this for anyone wanting to read a unique fantasy that manages to leave a smile on your face as you end it but not be so happy it does not feel real. I really enjoyed Akata Witch and I have a feeling you will too!


Review of Blood (The Brotherhood Saga) by Kody Boye

I don't understand why people find the things they do wrong with Blood, by Kody Boye but I really enjoyed it. I don't know what compass some people are using but I saw pretty precise direction I loved every turn. Also, I don't know what story some of you were reading but this is very well written, and having seen some other stuff published on Kindle this is gold and just good stuff. I have yet to see a typo, the voice is excellent (I love it in fact) the characters are multi-dimensional and unique, overall I am enthralled in this magnificent story. Boye has written a great story that I enjoy every minute of.

For those who say that nothing happened, I can't think of a book where something is happening all the time, it's called pacing; there are slower moments that build up to exciting moments followed by a climax, it is what makes reading so fun. And yes some might oppose the content but lets just get our big boy and girl briches on and understand why certain things are in there for a reason and that they are important to the series, and yes this is part of a series so there is much more story to be told and I personally cannot wait.

Some are not giving credit where it is due, this story is well written, held my interest, and has great characters and frankly the the main reason I stopped reading at any given point was usually because it was four a.m. and my eyes would no longer stay open and in the end I was left wanting more. Boye has written an awesome tale and I cannot wait to read more. This gets five stars and two thumbs up from me and thank you for the other 5-star reviewers for their ability to see a great tale.


Review of Red Star in the Morning by Made in DNA

I must first admit that I have never been a fan of the Cthulhu-verse, but when I saw this story by Made in DNA I realized I had to make an exception, because the story just seemed too cool to pass up. However, the story was not as awesome as I thought. IT WAS MUCH MORE AWESOME! (Sorry for Caps, I don't want you all stopping when I said it isn't as awesome as I thought).

Made in DNA blends Cthulhu with the Shinto religion in a future where the Fukushima disaster had a far greater effect than we realized, a world where our minds and bodies are seamlessly integrated with circuitry and computer programs that makes humans into partially digital beings (Have I said this story is awesome yet?).

But the fun comes when a demon is thrown into the fray. But that is all I will say, for you must read the full story to get the full awesomeness. As an author myself, I highly enjoyed this story. It has stellar writing and bold creativity. I give it my full recommendation to those who love cyberpunk and/or Cthulhu. Seriously this is awesome so read it. Thanks.


Review of The Star Crystal by D.C. Daines

From the moment I started reading The Star Crystal, I couldn't stop. In fact the only thing that did was my eyes drooping as I began falling asleep at 4:00 am. The Star Crystal universe is unlike any other and the characters are realistic yet completely unique and have superb interaction and top notch dialog. The action scenes are truly a treat and are the kind that have you at the edge of your seat hunched over the pages as you shout in support of the character.

The ending is like none other and one you have to read to fully understand. With elements of fantasy mixed in a science fiction world set in a world in need of heroes, D.C. Daines creates a story unlike any other I have read and leaves me wanting more of his work and salivating a the thought of more writings from him.

As an author and science fiction fan I give The Star Crystal 5 stars and two thumbs up, well four depending on species. This is a must read for those who enjoy reading work from new and promising authors who provide quality work rather than useless dribble. I won't force anyone to buy this book, but I think any fan of Science Fiction is missing out on reading it.



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