Terrific Allergies, Homemade Desks, and Freelance Writing Jobs: The Summer has Begun!

So I've been a bit absent lately, but since Summer is a busy time, I hope you all forgive me. Anyways, you might be wondering why I am calling allergies terrific. My answer to that is that they are terrific. Just think about it: horror>horrible>horrific-terror-terrible-terrific. Needless to say my itchy eyes, yuck-filled sinuses, and blechtastic (yes I made that up) fogginess has had me in a funk. On another note, don't believe allergy forecasts because they lie. The allergens may be moderate to some people, but whatever's in the air makes me feel sick.

Magnified image of pure evil 

 On the bright side, I have a home office now. It's been long in the making but once I finished making desks for my wife and myself, the rest was easy. I could have went out and bought a desk, but that would left me with small fiberboard desk that would be lucky to last a few years. Either that or spend money that I don't have on a desk fit for a bigwig attorney.

Fictional bigwig attorney

In the end it took an old door, some two by fours, porch rail posts, a can of varnish, and a bruise under the nail on my big toe to complete my desk. My wife however, ended up with a decrepit antique dresser that I restored and extended the legs for some much needed height. Our office is awesome.

Exhibit A: Dropped Desk induced subungal hemotoma

Meanwhile I search for some good freelance writing jobs to help supplement the funds for the upcoming trip to my home state of Idaho. It may sound crazy that we're driving over a thousand miles rather than flying, but   to trips are much more than just the destination. But it will be awesome to see my family and show the wife where I grew up. So until next time I'm going to goof around with Google's crazy easter eggs, learn SEO, aka search engine optimization so I can maybe get more than 50 views a day. Apparently that's akin to zero in the blogosphere.