Let's Help Author David Farland Through A Terrible Storm

Recently the prolific fantasy author David Farland's son Ben had a terrible longboarding accident and he sustained some serious injuries. Fortunately the doctors have managed to stabilize Ben and the worst has past, but Ben has a long recovery Unfortunately, the family is not insured and the bill is currently in the millions.

Several methods have been set up for those who wish to and are able to help financially. One option is to donate directly to the "Ben Wolverton Fund" (acct. 253151772865) at US Bank Provo, Smiths Branch. The second method is via GoFundMe.

I'll try and keep you all updated on the situation. Thank you all and take care.

P.S. You can also help by purchasing David Farland's (David Wolverton) books, which include the Runelords series, The Golden Queen, Nightingale, On My Way to Paradise, Million Dollar Outlines, and many more great fantasy novels and books on writing. Here is the link to his website and Amazon page.