Review of Burning Bridges by Nadege Richards

Do yourself a favor and read Burning Bridges by Nadege Richards! As the first book of the Bleeding Hearts trilogy, it's a must-read for fans of fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure or, romance (Even better if you are a fan of all those genres!).

Set in Alwaenia, Burning Bridges stars Echo Abbeny, a princess who feels out of place despite growing up wrapped in luxury, and the rogue-like Ayden Grey, a poverty-stricken young man that works tirelessly to pay off his alcoholic father's debts while struggling to support his ill mother and young siblings.

Echo and Ayden are from vastly different worlds, and after fate brings them together, it doesn't take long for a relationship to blossom. With their love strictly forbidden, they realize early on that they can only be together if the tyranny held Echo's father ends, burning bridges along the way. They are star-crossed lovers, who share not only the same pain and sorrows, but also an unbreakable love that no wall could separate.
Alwaenia is a fascinating land that at first seems medieval, yet when items and lore familiar to our era appear, the nation's origin becomes even more unclear. Furthermore, the question of what lies beyond the walls that border the nation provide even more mystery that's waiting to be revealed.

Richards weaves a fascinating tale, that's genuinely hard to quit reading. Burning Bridges is a spectacular read that will likely leave you hungry for more with its smooth flow and refreshing concepts. Richards paints perspective masterfully, telling a robust story by utilizing the point of view from both Echo and Ayden. My only real complaint is a few unexplained plot points; though all are minor details that don't detract from the story or make the plot hard to follow, and everything I noticed can be (and is likely intended to be) explained in books two and three.

Overall, I enjoyed Burning Bridges very much; Nadege Richards not only did brilliantly breathed life into the characters, but also remarkably built the world they live in. She did a stellar job making her vision come to life that includes everything I love seeing in a debut novel by an up-and-coming author!